Our publications include client success stories, “how to” articles, and press releases from The Doug Williams Group about new services that will help our clients improve the way they do business.

Publication Archive
  April 2009 (Press Release)
  March 2009 (Press Release)
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  December 2008 (Press Release)
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  Helping Hospitals Improve Patient Satisfaction With Unique Realtime Patient Satisfaction System (Article)
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  Does Your Emergency Department Need Emergency First Aid? (Article)
  Emergency Department Improvements Front Door/Back Door, Which is the Bigger Problem? (Article)
  The Multidisciplinary ED Performance Improvement Team (Article)
  The Emergency Department Performance Scorecard (Article)
  Getting More Out of What You Already Have (Article)
  Manage Time Rather Than Have Time Manage You (Article)
  Miami Jewish Home & Hospital for the Aged Launches Health Resource Center (Article)
  At Mount Sinai Medical Center, Excellent Customer Service Begin With HEARTS (Article)